Market Sectors

Our Clients

O’Connell & Lawrence, Inc. provides expertise to many clients across a broad array of industries and markets. Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of construction projects, ranging from traditional vertical and horizontal civil engineering to solar and wind installations, mines, dams, reservoirs, highway and road construction, breweries, schools, government facilities, and historic preservation.

Some of our Market Sectors Include:

Since its inception, O’C&L has provided Federal, State, County, and Municipal Government Agencies with transportation engineering, construction consulting, surveying, program administration, pavement management, and graphics preparation. O’C&L’s team of construction experts works with public sector clients at every level of government on projects large and small.

O’C&L specializes in the preparation, examination, evaluation, verification, and analysis of construction contract claims. Our staff is experienced in analyzing and evaluating the causes and effects of, and responsibility for, delays and deficiencies related to design and construction on complex projects. As such, O’C&L has a keen understanding of the respective roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of all parties involved in a project’s cycle.

O’C&L is a recognized leader in the development, review and analysis of Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules for highway and bridge construction.  In addition to CPM schedules, O’C&L constructability reviews are incorporated during the project design phase to improve construction by minimizing errors and omissions, reducing delays, and controlling costs. 

O’C&L has earned a national (and international) reputation as a leader in providing civil engineering consulting and project management services to the construction industry. O’C&L has a broad range of expertise including scheduling, claims avoidance, cost estimating, dispute resolution, litigation support, construction management, design and constructability reviews, permitting services, surveying, change management, issue resolution, and owner representation.

O’C&L performs design reviews for a wide range of vertical and horizontal architecture and engineering projects. O’C&L provides engineering services in the areas of site evaluation and feasibility studies, site plan development, stormwater management design, highway engineering and design, permitting services, hydrology/hydraulic engineering, subdivision design, parking lot design, grading plans, and erosion and sediment control. 

O’C&L has a great deal of experience managing the many elements involved in mining and tunneling projects. O’C&L performs CPM schedule analyses, project management, construction oversight, claims review and analysis, change order review, and negotiating, and, when necessary, dispute resolution for mining and tunneling projects throughout the U.S. and abroad.

O’C&L’s team of multi-disciplinary professionals provides a wide variety of services to the industrial processes sector. O’C&L’s experts are familiar with chemical, physical, electrical and mechanical systems involved in manufacturing and heavy industry. O’C&L’s detail-oriented approach to project management, schedule analysis, and litigation support, for example, allows us to meet the unique requirements of each project. 

O’C&L is a leader in providing scheduling, management, administration, and litigation support services to the Renewable Energy market. With experience in wind, solar, and hydroelectric projects, both nationally and internationally, O’C&L has the capability to assist in the successful completion of renewable energy projects at any stage of construction.