Litigation Support

O’Connell & Lawrence, Inc. is internationally renowned for our excellence at providing litigation support to our clients. As court- and board-recognized experts in scheduling, delay and productivity analyses, construction, engineering, and construction management, O’C&L’s staff members analyze the contract documents and the project performance (what actually happened and why) before providing a well-founded opinion on the causes and effects of the disputed issues. Our testifying experts are qualified to testify in Federal and State courts, as well as before various boards and administrative agencies. We testify frequently in arbitrations and participate in mediations, negotiations, and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.


 Our Litigation Support Services

  • Assistance to Legal Counsel
  • Analysis of Contract Bid Documents
  • Causation Analyses
  • Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Contract Compliance Review
  • Damage Assessment
  • Demonstrative Exhibit Preparation
  • Deposition and Cross-Examination Preparation
  • Discovery & Deposition Assistance
  • Document Management
  • Expert Reports & Testimony
  • Independent Document and Position Assessments
  • Issue Research and Analysis
  • Mediation, Arbitration, and Trial Presentations
  • Specialized Analyses:
    • Acceleration (constructive or Directed)
    • Differing Site Conditions
    • Claim Assessment/Strategies
    • CPM Schedule Analysis
    • Damage Quantification
    • Delay Analysis
      • Time Impact Analysis
      • As-Planned vs. As-Built Analysis
      • Other Methodologies
    • Earned Value Analyses
    • Forensic Schedule Analysis
    • Force Majeure
    • Inefficiency and Lost Productivity Analyses
    • Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Training and Seminars
    • Claims Avoidance Training
    • CPM Schedule Training
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