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Construction Management / Construction Technology CCBC 2002


Registrations / CERTIFICATIONS

1986/Property Line Surveyor : Maryland # 343


Maryland Association of Engineers, President

County Engineers Association of Maryland

American Public Works Association

Construction Management Association



2009 NACo Award – Storm Operations Map

2011 NACo Award – Snow Plow Navigation System

2015 NACo Award – Social Solutions in Public Works

2015 Montgomery County Council Proclamation

2015 Montgomery County Executive Proclamation –Outstanding Performance


Mr. Compton has over 40-years of heavy highway construction management, contract administration, land surveying, and civil engineering experience. He managed the construction, maintenance, and operation of a major transportation system comprised of more than 5,200 lane-miles of pavement, traversing 550 square miles, and serving more than 1.1 million residents in Montgomery County, MD.

Keith served for 29 years with Montgomery County, MD, in both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT), delivering an estimated $3.5B in transportation, building construction, and highway construction and maintenance programs.

Keith joined the Montgomery County DOT in 1986 as its “Transportation Area Engineer,” following 8 years with Greiner Engineering Sciences, Hunt Valley, MD. His tenure with Greiner included managerial positions in bridge rehabilitation and bridge reconstruction, bridge and crane structural inspections, and heavy highway construction inspection and construction.

In 2002, Keith was appointed as Chief of Construction, Montgomery County DPWT, responsible for the construction of all County-financed buildings, in addition to maintaining the full transportation construction portfolio of highways and bridge projects.

In 2006, he was promoted to Chief of Highway Services where he was responsible for management of personnel, financial, and equipment resources required for the effective maintenance and operation of a major transportation system comprised of 5,200 lane miles of pavement, bridges, drainage structures, sidewalks, tree canopy, and other ancillary elements.

Mr. Compton was the “Incident Commander” under the National Incident Management System (NIMS), with responsibility for responses to all natural emergencies affecting the County’s transportation system, such as major winter storms, seasonal storms and tornadoes, flooding, dam events, and other events affecting the safe operation of the County’s transportation system. He led the County's team in response to 173 storm events spanning 9 years with an aggregate accumulation of more than 128 feet of snow and ice.

Keith led the Montgomery County DOT, Highway Services, to four (4) National Association of Counties (NAACo) awards for innovative accomplishments.

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